For the New Frontier in TradingTM

For the New Frontier in TradingTM

The Road to Success in an Evolving Market Microstructure Is Paved with Brand New Execution Technology

The dawn of a New Frontier in Trading™ is here. Entrenched, status quo interests of yesterday’s mature microstructure are giving way to market and regulatory pressures for fairness, transparency and proactive compliance in trading. Clearpool Group is at the forefront of leading this change, with technology we have newly built to spur advancements in routing, execution, pre-post trade compliance and risk monitoring. These and other Clearpool innovations are designed to make our clients more productive, help them achieve greater control, and preserve the integrity of their business and the market. Whether you’re a broker-dealer, trading firm or hedge fund, Clearpool Group stands ready to guide and grow your horizons in The New Frontier in Trading™.


Autonomy Named “Best Sell-Side Automated Trading Platform” by Waters
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The AMS: New Bridge Between the Buy-Side and Sell-Side
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