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The Healthy Markets Association has welcomed OppenheimerFunds, Clearpool, and MayStreet, and has launched its comprehensive Market Analytics Platform.

Healthy Markets Association Announces Expansion and Launch of the Healthy Markets Research Institute’s Market Analytics Platform

Today, the Healthy Markets Association, an investor-focused not-for-profit coalition focused on improving the capital markets, announced the addition of three new members, as well as the launch of its groundbreaking Market Analytics Platform. The platform, which is a project of the Healthy Markets Research Institute (HMRI), is expected to be operational in Q2 2017.

Healthy Markets’ newest Members, OppenheimerFunds, a leading global asset manager, Clearpool, and MayStreet further bolster its growing Buyside and Working Group ranks. Healthy Markets, which launched in 2015 with just 5 Founding Members, now includes 17 Buyside and Working Group Members.

“We are excited to participate as a working group member of Healthy Markets,” said Joe Wald of Clearpool. “At Clearpool, we are committed to the advancement of transparent and equitable markets for institutional investors and the sell-side brokers they trust to deliver best execution. Through this collaboration we hope to influence practical reforms to resolve challenges in market microstructure.”

“In today’s increasingly complex markets, Healthy Markets is working with institutional investors and their trusted service providers to protect the retirements, endowments, and college savings of millions of Americans,” said Tyler Gellasch, Executive Director of Healthy Markets. “We’re thrilled that Oppenheimer, Clearpool, and MayStreet are joining us in this important effort, and their customers should be as well.”

At the same time, Healthy Markets also announced its forthcoming launch of the Market Analytics Platform, a project of the Healthy Markets Research Institute. The Market Analytics Platform will provide a unique resource for academics, market participants, and regulators to study market structure. It seeks to address several fundamental problems in market structure research: conflicted sources of proprietary data, problems making sense of petabyte-scale datasets and the lack of reproducibility in current research.

The Market Analytics Platform is being developed with leading technology and data providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and MayStreet, who are providing development support, data, and operational assistance. The Healthy Markets Research Institute is expected to launch in Q2 2017 with over a petabyte of historical data, including years of top-of-book and full depth-of-book equity data and full depth-of-book futures data.

“Investors often can’t get the information they need to protect themselves, and it could take years before regulators fill the void, so we’re going to help,” said Tyler Gellasch, Executive Director of the Healthy Markets Association. “Our hope is to provide the data and tools so that the buyside, academics, and other market participants have the opportunity to see how the markets are—or aren’t—working.”

“Objective facts and repeatable analysis are important, and that’s what the HMRI Market Analytics Platform is going to bring into the market structure debates.” said Dave Lauer, Chairman and Director of Research, who is overseeing the project. “Electronic markets offer unprecedented opportunity for study and research, but lack an unconflicted source of data.”

“Given all rhetoric surrounding contemporary market structure we’re excited to be contributing to a platform that supports the objective study of the many complex issues affecting all market participants,” said Patrick Flannery, of MayStreet.

“Healthy Markets is doing a great public service by making it easier for academics to obtain the data needed to conduct policy-relevant research,” said Robert Battalio, Professor of Finance at Notre Dame.

With 17 Buyside and Working Group Members, as well as several key partners, Healthy Markets is looking to continue its incredible success from 2016, and continue its work to improve our capital markets.


About Healthy Markets
Healthy Markets is an investor-focused not-for-profit coalition looking to educate market participants and promote data-driven reforms to market structure challenges. Our members, who range from a few billion to hundreds of billions of dollars in AUM, have come together behind one basic principle: Informed investors and policymakers are essential for healthy capital markets.

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